Tokyo Timewarp: Modern Geishas in Shibuya

While staying in Tokyo's popular district of Shibuya at the Cerulean Hotel, I caught up with my friend Sasha Okamoto and Photographer Gregory Brown to capture the view and some street style.
Shibuya crossing is always buzzing, vibrant with about a million people per day. Together we melted into the crowds, followed the sights and sounds, with the click clacking of our wooden Geta shoes.

Fashion stylist Naomi Kubo unearthed a regal, antique, red kimono and an edgy, colorful, splatter yukata to create this stylish Tokyo timewarp for the modern Geisha.

We followed the paper lanterns lining the streets and the smells of grilled Yakitori chicken wafting thru billowing Noren fabric doorways.

Even in the heart of the city you can discover quiet, little, crevices, rich with texture and contrast.
It seems everywhere you turn there is a distinct Tokyo style and culture, that sets it apart from other areas of Japan.

Tokyo is a spirited muse that will always tug at my imagination. It is easy to get lost in the palpable energy of the city.

Makeup artist Yuri Kondo's editorial hair and makeup highlighted the East meets West heritage of both Sascha and I. When we shot at the Cerulean we transitioned the traditional musubi and obi belts into the modern leather belts for an avant-garde spin on kimono style.

Whisper Fire Tokyo Breeze
Fuel My Imagination 
Dream Spirited Muse
-  Haiku, Celeste Thorson

Blowing from the west 
fallen leaves
gather in the east.
- Haiku, Yosa Buson

Photo:  Gregory Brown Photography / Models: Celeste Thorson, Sascha Okamoto / Wardrobe: Naomi Kubo / Hair and Makeup: Yuri Kondo

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