Asiance Magazine Cover, Interview, and Acting Advice with Celeste Thorson

Just wanted to share and shout out a big thank you for all the love and the cover story from Asiance magazine.  I think it's awesome they've built a platform for Asian American talent.  Check out my interview about my career, visiting Korea, and my advice about pursuing acting.

ASIANCE: What advice do you have for girls who want to break into acting?

Celeste:I found working with coaches that helped me hone my craft in a supportive environment was great for my process personally. Do your research and find people you can rely on and get along with for your team. Focus on your strengths and celebrate the little wins in life because it's too short to spend stressing. No matter what, keep your chin up and know that each mistake is a chance to learn. I think if you stay positive and professional people want to work with you, but in this business you have to be very proactive. Like anything you want, don't wait for it, go out and get it.

ASIANCE: Tell us about your webseries coming out this summer.

Celeste:Shooting our comedic webseries Yogaphiles this summer is going to be a blast. We plan on casting a rainbow of talented comedians from as many cultures and backgrounds as possible. I'm really looking forward to the cast chemistry and doing a bit of improv. I'll be posting details and release dates on my site in July so you can check out all that fun stuff.

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