Diary of the Dark and Delicious Music Video "Mask - Before I Leave" with Celeste Thorson

This is long overdue, but I did have a great time shooting the Mask music video with Allan and Tas and of course the whole cast and crew.  It was like slipping into a twisted dream back in the 1920's with a dash of steampunk, dark wave, gothic magic.  Mynxii painted my face with lovely makeup and looked super posh in her sexy nude lace dress.  I was mostly blacked out with long dresses and a lovely art deco beaded head dress.  When my peeps gave me the pics & vids it reminded me of a story book fairytale gone awry.  Pushed into the wet, white underworld, a place between heaven and hell.  You couldn't ask for a better menace than Jeffrey Vincent Parise.  

P.S. Sorry for the slap in the face Alexandra.  xo *Celeste

Directed by 
Allan Amato

Cinematography by
Tas Limur
Allan Amato
Aaron hawks

1st AD
Aaron Hawks

Stop Motion by
Allan Amato

Edited by
Tas Limur

Celeste Thorson
Jeffrey Vincent Parise
Sonja Kristina
Marvin Ayres 

Background Actors
Daniel Ribiat
Alexandra Mathews
Aaron Hawks
David Bergeaud
Lesa Renfey Hardy-Bergeaud
Mynxii White

Make up
Mynxii White
Annah Yevelenko
Christiane Shillito

Production Assistants
Christiane Shillito
Cervena Fox

Special Thanks to David Bergeaud
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