Oasis in Las Vegas: Mandarin Oriental on Destination Luxury with Celeste Thorson

I discovered an unexpected treasure in Las Vegas while shooting Destination Luxury with David C. Lee when we partnered up with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  The elegant Emperor and Mandarin Suites revealed must see, sparkling views of the strip.  We had a delicious experience at Mozen dining on their Asian fusion cuisine, highlights were the fresh sushi bento box and a soothing wonton noodle soup.   Tea time was especially memorable in the evening overlooking the bright lights of the Eiffel Tower on Las Vegas Blvd.  My friend Evie came along and helped me model some gorgeous evening gowns by Sue Wong

Hosted by: Celeste Thorson and David Christopher Lee

We finished the night off with a fascinating tour of decor and delights at  The Act, where dancers in mirrored suits roamed free, balloon popping performers shot arrows at each other and aerialists hung from chains like chandeliers...then, well the rest stays in Vegas. 

Special Thanks to: The Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Staff, Sue Wong, Evie Ryland, Cliff Atkinson, Jennifer Lynn, MOLV PR Dept., Mozen and the Act. 

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