The Magical Masquerades of Carnival Venezia with Celeste Thorson

La Vita Es Un Carnevale

On our quest to experience the best of Carnevale Venezia, we scouted some traditional attire to immerse ourselves in the carnival culture.

Antonia Sautter's Atelier and Best of Ballo Del Doge party sounded like a perfect way to celebrate. Her Venetian costumes in Stanley Kubrick's film Eyes Wide Shut, showcase her incredible attention to detail. She's created thousands of 18th and 19th century costumes and headpieces at her Atelier's in Venice.  Every year during Carnival, she conjures a night of magic and fantasy for her dinner and show at the historic Palazzo Pisani on the Grand Canal. She combines her incredible costume creations with themes inspired by music, history and her imagination. As we time traveled into her 18th century celebration we arrived by water and were surrounded by guest wearing some of her most fascinating creations. It reminded me a bit of Lucent Dossier with a sophisticated Venetian twist.

One of my favorite parts of the festival was the preparation. After traversing the labyrinth of Venice to find Antonia Sautter's Atelier, I felt like a kid escaping to a secret candy store to play dress up. I tried on a variety of styles before falling in love with a tiered 19th century gold gown with floral sequins appliques and cap sleeves and a black feathered beaded headpiece.

We also visited Ca' Macana in Dosoduro to paint traditional Venetian masks and learn some classical styles to mix with our contemporary interpretations. The mask making was especially enjoyable and memorable. Here are some photos of the Blue Moon mask I painted with the guidance of the maestro.


Photographer  Davide Palitiere and makeup artist Monica Berton helped capture some of these photographs with retouching by Taron Maroun.  It was wonderful to watch the narrow streets flood with festivities, it brought so much vibrant color to Venezia.

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