Tribal Earth Warrior Series

It feels like the wind, that warm spark between our souls, we found each other. 
- Celeste Thorson  

A spontaneous creative session with Taren Maroun's artsy soul led to this whimsical earth warrior series.  

I looked up and I saw hope

All roads lead home. Never forget where you came from.
 I felt the dawn dance on my skin.
 I felt the peace of night descend. 

Tell me your story. Teach me your song.

Meet me by the ivy and I will show you what I've seen.
 Wild child.

There is a fire in the sky and she is a flame.

We played amidst the cacti, canyons, and ivy vines. The rich tones and textures from the natural surroundings complimented the warpaint style makeup. I love the rawness of this collection, it reminds me of my native ancestry. The handmade necklaces were collected during my travels through Bali and Mexico, mostly from street vendors. 

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