Watch Destination X TV with Celeste Thorson

Filming the the show is always an exciting challenge. It's fun working with our talented team of females, especially Lauren Fray, we have a great time taking on each adventure.

Destination X Hawaii brings you surreal beauty, the quest for survival, adrenaline pumping action, and some of the most cinematic locations from around the globe. If that's not enough drop five gorgeous women in the middle of all that and watch them confront extreme fantasy challenges along with their greatest fears. To quote one of the girls, "This is everything you want to do before your die."

In preparation to tackle the challenges these fit women trained with some of the world's best known extreme sports enthusiasts, military experts, navigators and explorers. Along the way you'll get to know these adventurous women, what their feeling and experiencing, as well as their take on each other

The girls chose their paradise destinations. First stop, the Hawaiian Islands. They'll all learn that danger lurks below paradise and under fantasy; reality waits for the dreamer to fall. Join us as we push these stunning adventure seekers to the edge as they tackle Destination X Hawaii.

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