Asia Model Festival Awards in Korea with Celeste Thorson

Visiting Seoul Korea was wonderful and I had the opportunity to reunite with family who spoiled me with affection and delicious authentic Korean cuisine. The culture was so different but, the faces were familiar and it was very fulfilling to get back to my roots. It was so fantastic to participate in the awards show where 10 models from Korea, Japan, China, Phillipines, Uzbekistan, and the United States represented their countries. I was blessed to nominated and sponsored by the KMA and GMA.

I really enjoyed the Asia Model Festival Awards, and was honored to receive the Model Star award. The Korean Model Association, Eui-Sig Yang, SBS, DBC Holdings, Global One, as well as all of the sponsors made our stay very comfortable and exciting. The show was beautiful and the fashion of Blumarine, Jong-Sun, EXR, Ran Style & Lie Sang Bong was inspiring. I met so many beautiful and friendly models from around the world. I especially enjoyed meeting Iza Calzado, Ai Dai, Super Junior and Angel Agustin they were very sweet. I loved all of the performances and can’t wait to return! Some of the other winners of the night were Jo Ji Hoon, Han Ye Seul, Park Min Young and

Here is a short video of Todd Mitchell and I on the red carpet and on stage.

Special Thanks to GMA, KMA, SBS, & AMFA
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