"LAW OF THE JUNGLE" at The Standard Hotel, West Hollywood with Celeste Thorson

We rocked the Standard in West Hollywood for the LA2Day Magazine Cover Shoot in the Jungle booked themed editorial photo spread. The dresses were beautifully hand painted and designed by Leila Hafzi.

It was fun shooting with Michael Freeby, Tomo Miyama, and the whole LA2Day crew, especially Jeremy Tarr.
My friends Evie and Pine stopped by, we ate at the diner, chilled by the pool, and
struck a pose wherever possible.

Celeste Thorson wearing Leila Hazi, Michael Freeby wearing Cohesive mask by Coco le Mer

Shannon Rowland the photographer and her assistant Rebekah Boyle took some lovely captures. We even recorded some of the photoshoot and if you like the pictures you should see the video....
coming soon.

Michael Freeby &
Tomo Miyama
Photography by Shannon Rowland
Photography assistance by Rebekah Boyle
Make-up and hair by Nesrine Fikry
Styling by Marisa Lynch
Additional assistance by Mei-Li Thomas
All nails provided by Kiss Products (
Photographed at The Standard Hotel Hollywood
Poem by Rudyard Kipling, from The Second Jungle Book
Thanks to The Standard Hotel Hollywood, Rachel E. Hunter, Armine Martirosyan, Alpine Mannix
Fashion Editor: Jeremy Tarr
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