San Francisco: Model Desire & Adobe Game Jam with Celeste Thorson

What happens when you mix motorcyle jackets, knee high boots, the occasional fluttering earring, me  and Jim Doukakis?  You get these killer shots...

While in San Francisco late October covering Adobe Game Jam, I met up with Jim Doukakis from Model Desire and we spent a crisp afternoon walking around SOMA shooting some relaxed photos.  It was cool to take a break from the intense programming going on behind the brick walls of Adobe.

There was a lot of creativity in the mix and I loved all the game concepts.  Some that caught my eye were Taco Loco, Alcatraz Interrogation, Hipster Homicide, Super Putty Man, Muni, Startup, Invisible, Alcatraz Escape, Beard to the Future and San Francisco Bizarre Adventure.  They were all pretty impressive considering that time they had to program, design and debug these games from scratch in just a couple days.  After the event everyone went to the local dive to celebrate.  Cheers to all the creative teams and Adobe staff for being so awesome!

What happens when you mix San Francisco, Sean Connery and Roller Skates?  You win Adobe Game Jam...

Gammanova's Best Game Video created using Adobe After Effects

Adobe Game Jam 2012 - Best Game Winner

Lee Birmelow's AGJ12 Coverage

 Adobe Game Jam 2012 Winners
*Best GameAlcatraz Roller Escape by Team Buffalo: Nicola, Alex, Lorenzo, Mike and David.
*Best Tech: Alcatraz Interrogation – a game with a combo of voice recognition and text-to-speech features

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