Stanley Kubrick Eyes Wide Shut Halloween with Celeste Thorson

Eyes Wide Shut + LACMA Neon String Lights 
After a crazy karaoke circus the weekend before Halloween, it was great to spend the 31st checking out the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA and admiring the incredible costumes seemingly incubated in Jim Hensen's and Tim Burton's secret workshop.  I was fascinated by the whole exhibit from 2001: Space Odessey, Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide Shut, The Shining, Napolean, Full Metal Jacket and well too many to list.

Last years Tim Burton exhibit was designed by Burton so it had a lot of his signature nuances peppering the experience, Kubrick's felt more like a classic museum presentation with plenty of posters and production materials to peruse and the occasional costumes, models, slates or props.  My eyes fixed on the lenses and cameras like carats of diamonds in display cases and on pedestals.  Stepping into the Milk Bar was eerie, all while A Perfect Circle soundtrack twinkled in my mind.  The live milk bar mannequins and the shining sisters really brought the exhibit to life.  

I designed this burlesque costume using a black and crimson lace and satin corset with a custom black beaded applique and a black and red feather jeweled brooch in the center bodice, crimson tiered lace and satin skirt, a black and red feather boa bustle with black satin ribbon bow, thigh high stockings with a small bow and black seam up to the the back, sequin black pumps,  beaded fringe art deco clutch purse and black satin gloves with a black and red feather jeweled half mask.  It was a fun art project to create and even more lovely to wear.

Burlesque Milk Bar

White Woman Red Woman

N + C + The Shining Sisters

N + C

Clockwork Orange Halloween

Here's Johnny

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Life Through Kubrick's Lens

A Cam



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