Chiffon & Sleepytime Tea in Palos Verdes

I live to make you free

Sip some sleepytime tea and take an afternoon stroll with me through Palos Verdes, CA.
Photographer Stacey Shipp woke me from my slumber and captured a few moments in time, before I tumbled back down the rabbit hole spiraling into to the melodies of Yann Tiersen.  It was my first opportunity to work with a hearing impaired photographer and it was a wonderful.  Stacey was lovely and has a great eye for soft beauty.  Though we were near the ocean in Palos Verdes, I felt for a minute I was back in France.



There was a music playing in my mind while capturing these moments and now I will share it with you... 


As the rain twinkles down my windowsill while I write this, I know I will always be a chaser of dreams and sweet music.
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